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5Feb 18

Experiential Marketing and Brand Visibility

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For most business owners, one a couple of the goals that they strive to achieve when developing an experiential marketing campaign is increasing brand visibility and reaching new potential customers/clients. Below, we take a look at a few helpful tips for reaching this goal and yielding the results that you are hoping for:

Understand Your […]

13Nov 17

H&M boosts brand equity with VR at Coachella

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Clothing brand giant H&M has partnered with the popular Coachella music festival many times. Each year, music festival-goers are excited to see what H&M will offer next. This type of hype goes a long way in helping the brand create awareness about their products and what they have to offer.
Being one of the biggest and […]

6Nov 17

Google & other brands appealing to millennials at music festivals

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Last year, Google tested an interesting brand activation and experiential marketing campaign. The search engine giant took its Chromecast and Chromecast Audio streaming products to the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Village music festival and the Outside Lands festival in San Fransisco to increase awareness about and affinity towards the products.

The Outside Lands live music event attracted […]

10Jul 17

4 Ways to Make Digital Activations Work for You

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The digital arena is swiftly becoming the easiest and most efficient place in which to successfully interact with and get to know your target market. It provides you with opportunities to stand out without having to spend thousands of rands in the process. It provides you with the ability to enjoy real-time interactions with people […]

27Feb 17

Using brand ambassadors in the world of social media

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The concept of using celebrities to promote brands and thereby increase brand recognition has been around for decades. Since the 1950’s, famous faces have endorsed everything from soap to cigarettes, with brands leveraging off Hollywood star power to associate themselves with greatness and ensure high visibility in the consumer market.

Brand ambassadors are still an extremely […]

20Feb 17

The future of experiential marketing in a technology driven world

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The digital age has created a strange paradox. On the one hand, thanks to social media and communication apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, we are more connected than ever in real time and over global distances. On the other hand, technological advances mean that we’re getting closer and closer to a reality where we […]

6Feb 17

Connecting with consumers using brand ambassadors

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One of the best ways to ensure that your brand connects with your target market is through brand activations and in-store promotions. From free samples handed out in shops, to events, expos and new product launches, giving consumers the opportunity to interact with and experience first-hand the benefits of your product is one of the […]

16Jan 17

Great product page design ideas to create a lasting impact

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Your product page is where the magic happens on your website – and it is the page that will convince the visitor whether or not to make a conversion. Knowing this, it makes sense to pay close attention to its layout and design, taking care to provide the potential customer with the information that he […]

9Jan 17

Engage with your customers in a meaningful way with brand activations

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Brand activations and promotions are responsible for initiating and building a relationship between your potential customer and your brand. It is a wonderful marketing tool for both new businesses (especially if you aim to create brand awareness) and older businesses (if you want to ensure that your brand still remains top of mind and one […]

27Dec 16

Clowning around: Laughter as a brand experience

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They say that laughter is the best medicine. Yet somewhere along the line, cultural perceptions of the ultimate personification of laughter – the clown – have become skewed. Consider urban legends and modern folklore depicting the ghoulish, even evil clown. Consider Stephen King’s cult classic, It.
Does this represent what clowns are, and what they do?
There […]