promotion company PTA

Our promotions company in Pretoria is here to help you connect with your customers in entirely new ways. As a reputable promotions company, Tradeway achieves an average of a 25% increase in sales with our brand campaigns. We understand that your clients want memorable marketing strategies that not only have a lasting impact on their target audience but also on their bottom lines.

When you hire us for your activations and promotions, experiential marketing or field marketing campaign, rest assured that you will be partnering with an agency that uses the latest smart, mobile technology. We offer everything from real-time reporting from the field to well thought-out experiential campaigns so that you can stay one step ahead of your competition.

Services that our Pretoria promotions company offers: 

  • Activations and promotions
    Some of the brand activations that we offer include launches, road shows, pop-up shops, pamphlet distribution, demonstrations, sampling, event and expo support and flash mobs. These marketing campaigns can create a truly unique opportunity for your target audience to engage with your business and become familiar with what you offer.
  • Experiential marketing
    Many of the smart, highly successful marketing campaigns that go viral and make the news all find their roots in experiential marketing campaigns. With promotions, the goal is immediate sales that can be reported on instantaneously. With experiential marketing, our goal is to create an unforgettable, fun and subversive brand experience. These campaigns are what drives clients to fall in love with brands.
  • Field marketing
    Without the proper data, research and statistics, you can’t create lasting results. We have an extensive base of field marketers who use real-time reporting tools to give companies the valuable feedback they need to make valid changes within their business. Find out more about field marketing.

Tradeway is here to help you take your marketing and branding to the next level. Contact our promotions company in Pretoria for more information today.