18Jun 18

The difference between experiential marketing and experiential branding

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Experiential branding and experiential marketing are two very different things and they have different roles in the overall marketing mix. Experiential marketing is a term that is referred to very commonly these days for communication exercises that involve the delivery of some kind of experience.

“Experiential marketing gets brands out of the usual newspaper, online, and […]

11Jun 18

Employing the senses in experiential marketing

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Taste and smell are the only two senses connected to the limbic system of the brain, the part of the brain that is responsible for emotion and memory. If you really think about it, advertising and marketing is all about affecting people’s emotions and creating memories. Essentially, we want to affect consumers’ emotions by creating […]

4Jun 18

Why we need to start paying more attention to Nigeria

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Anyone who has done business or launched a marketing campaign in Nigeria will know that this country has a different type of energy to it. The country is a key player in Sub-Saharan Africa and the country’s economic situation makes it a lucrative option for many businesses who are looking to expand into West Africa.

Greg […]

28May 18

Why Authenticity Should Always be At the Heart of Your Marketing Efforts

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We live in an age where we are constantly surrounded by advertising; with millions of companies’ efforts to get our attention and trying to convince us as to why their product is better than another. These companies want our money. They want our loyalty. They want us to choose them. It is no wonder then […]

21May 18

Integrating Experiential Marketing into Your Business Strategy

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Every business owner knows that in order for a business to be successful, all internal strategies need to communicate the same message, represent the brand in the same way and tie in with each other seamlessly. With this in mind, many wonder how to go about integrating experiential marketing in their much larger business strategy, […]

14May 18

How Understanding Your Customer’s Emotional Needs Will Aid Your Experiential Marketing Campaign

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So many business owners focus on giving customers and potential customers what they want when it comes to experiential marketing campaigns. While this is great, they are likely to get a lot more out of their efforts if they start focusing on catering to their needs instead. Not only day-to-day needs but emotional needs, too. […]

7May 18

3 Non-Traditional Marketing Tactics to Boost Brand Awareness

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Using marketing strategies to boost brand awareness means that your business will always be top of mind. However, if you are not having much luck with the more traditional methods, it may be time to explore a few other non-traditional tactics to see if they translate well for your brand. Here are the Tradeway team’s […]

23Apr 18

How to Boost Your Marketing Efforts This Winter

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Countless business owners use the colder weather as an excuse to reduce marketing spend and to focus on other aspects of maintaining and developing their companies. The truth is that winter shouldn’t cause you to go into hibernation! With the right techniques and tools, you’ll be able to generate new leads and new business with […]

16Apr 18

4 Costly Mistakes that Could Sink Your Experiential Marketing Event

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There’s a lot of planning and money that goes into hosting an experiential marketing event, so it makes sense for business owners to expect to see some pleasing results in exchange for their efforts. Below, we examine 4 different mistakes that you could be making, all of which will cost you the results that you […]

9Apr 18

3 Reasons Why Millennials Respond to Experiential Marketing

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Millennials, or those born between 1982 and 2002, are a generation on which the vast majority of brands have focused their marketing efforts over the last few years. However, many wonder which marketing approaches tend to elicit the best results amongst this generation. If you’re asking us, the experts at Tradeway, we can tell you […]