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25Jun 18

How hotels can differentiate themselves with experiential marketing

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The new luxury is really all about experience versus statement. The way that a hotel can differentiate themselves from other hotels is by being able to articulate and communicate the experience that one would have at that hotel as opposed to another hotel.

“There are degrees, aspects, and attributes of luxury that would be experienced in […]

18Jun 18

The difference between experiential marketing and experiential branding

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Experiential branding and experiential marketing are two very different things and they have different roles in the overall marketing mix. Experiential marketing is a term that is referred to very commonly these days for communication exercises that involve the delivery of some kind of experience.

“Experiential marketing gets brands out of the usual newspaper, online, and […]

11Jun 18

Employing the senses in experiential marketing

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Taste and smell are the only two senses connected to the limbic system of the brain, the part of the brain that is responsible for emotion and memory. If you really think about it, advertising and marketing is all about affecting people’s emotions and creating memories. Essentially, we want to affect consumers’ emotions by creating […]

4Jun 18

Why we need to start paying more attention to Nigeria

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Anyone who has done business or launched a marketing campaign in Nigeria will know that this country has a different type of energy to it. The country is a key player in Sub-Saharan Africa and the country’s economic situation makes it a lucrative option for many businesses who are looking to expand into West Africa.

Greg […]

20Nov 17

Whisky brand taking over food festivals

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Food festivals are popping up in many countries across the globe. Consumers are more interested in craft food and beverages, and many companies are capitalising on these events to market their products to consumers.

A whisky brand called Glenlivet wanted to showcase their flavours in a way that would appeal to both whisky newcomers and aficionados […]

13Nov 17

H&M boosts brand equity with VR at Coachella

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Clothing brand giant H&M has partnered with the popular Coachella music festival many times. Each year, music festival-goers are excited to see what H&M will offer next. This type of hype goes a long way in helping the brand create awareness about their products and what they have to offer.
Being one of the biggest and […]

6Nov 17

Google & other brands appealing to millennials at music festivals

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Last year, Google tested an interesting brand activation and experiential marketing campaign. The search engine giant took its Chromecast and Chromecast Audio streaming products to the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Village music festival and the Outside Lands festival in San Fransisco to increase awareness about and affinity towards the products.

The Outside Lands live music event attracted […]

27Feb 17

Using brand ambassadors in the world of social media

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The concept of using celebrities to promote brands and thereby increase brand recognition has been around for decades. Since the 1950’s, famous faces have endorsed everything from soap to cigarettes, with brands leveraging off Hollywood star power to associate themselves with greatness and ensure high visibility in the consumer market.

Brand ambassadors are still an extremely […]

20Feb 17

The future of experiential marketing in a technology driven world

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The digital age has created a strange paradox. On the one hand, thanks to social media and communication apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, we are more connected than ever in real time and over global distances. On the other hand, technological advances mean that we’re getting closer and closer to a reality where we […]

13Feb 17

Tips to increase brand awareness in a flooded market

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Building brand awareness can be difficult enough, especially so when the market is flooded with similar product offerings from other brands and advertisers competing for the same market. To create continuing brand loyalty, a marketing campaign is required that will to stand out to ensure sufficient brand recall. It’s simply not enough to devise and […]