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26Mar 18

9 Steps to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

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Did you know that business schools encourage students to spend hours on their LinkedIn profiles? Ever wondered why? LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media and digital marketing resources to market yourself. Does it not make perfect sense then, that you utilise your tech-savvy on what is probably the number one digital recruiting […]

19Mar 18

Why and How Experiential Marketing Appeals to Millennials

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Millennials are the largest living generation in the United States as well as in South Africa. It is therefore not surprising that, with a staggering $3.39 trillion in spending power, millennials currently have the most consumer influence of any generation.

Greg Martin from Tradeway commented that it is apparent that traditional marketing strategies no longer hits […]

12Mar 18

Employ Experiential Marketing to Extract High Value Experience on Campus

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Spending and brand engagement among millennials and Generation Z consumers have shifted over the past decade – they have become more responsive to experiential marketing. With traditional outbound messaging lagging behind, the shift is evident across all types of advertising and marketing niches. Apple and Google, retail giants such as they are, tapped into this […]

5Mar 18

The Exciting Opportunities of Product Placement

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Manet’s painting, A Bar at the Folies-Berere, featuring two bottles with a distinctive label and shape which allowed them to be identified as Bass beer, was perhaps the first example of (inadvertent?) product placement. Today, the concept has evolved to experience-focused propositions designed to enhance the viewing experience. Not only has product placement come a […]