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24Jul 17

Tips for Maximising Your Marketing in Summer

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The warmer months are on their way back again, so now’s the perfect time to get your marketing strategy in line to successfully make the most of your summertime budget. Seeing as though spring and summer are when most people venture outdoors, whether it is to hit the mall for a shopping spree or to […]

17Jul 17

Examples and Benefits of Below the Line Marketing Techniques

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As a business owner, if you’re new to the marketing game, you will have probably heard plenty about both above the line and below the line marketing strategies and techniques. While both can certainly give your brand a hearty boost, if you want to get to know your audience on a more personal level and […]

10Jul 17

4 Ways to Make Digital Activations Work for You

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The digital arena is swiftly becoming the easiest and most efficient place in which to successfully interact with and get to know your target market. It provides you with opportunities to stand out without having to spend thousands of rands in the process. It provides you with the ability to enjoy real-time interactions with people […]

3Jul 17

5 Below the Line Promotional Techniques That Still Get Results

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While going digital is quickly becoming essential for all businesses who wish to make the most out of their marketing budgets, many business owners will be surprised to hear that there are still many BTL promotional techniques that it is still worthwhile to invest in. We look at five of the most valuable options below.




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