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27Dec 16

Clowning around: Laughter as a brand experience

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They say that laughter is the best medicine. Yet somewhere along the line, cultural perceptions of the ultimate personification of laughter – the clown – have become skewed. Consider urban legends and modern folklore depicting the ghoulish, even evil clown. Consider Stephen King’s cult classic, It.
Does this represent what clowns are, and what they do?
There […]

19Dec 16

How clever marketing made Yeti Coolers a must-have brand experience

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Who would have thought that coolers and ice chests would become a cultural phenomenon? Yet that is exactly what Yeti has become, thanks to experiential marketing tactics with enough scope to appeal to both outdoorsy types as well as urban professionals.
The company’s revenue reached nearly $450 million last year – a fact that is indicative […]

12Dec 16

The do’s and don’ts of experiential marketing

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Marketing that creates an engaging platform for consumers to interact with a brand is an exciting way to connect with your target market. From in-store promotions to brand activations, experiential marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to promote brand awareness.
While planning an immersive brand experience can certainly get the creative juices flowing, it […]

5Dec 16

Creative pop-ups for engaging experiential marketing

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The pop-up shop phenomenon is quite new to the South African market, yet it is one that is growing in popularity. It’s experiential marketing at its best – giving brands a unique opportunity to showcase themselves while allowing consumers a fully immersive brand experience.
What’s more, organising a pop-up event is fantastic for brand activations, where […]