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24Oct 16

How Augmented Reality is Changing Things for Top Brands

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Have you ever thought about including augmented reality (AR) in your marketing strategy? Do you even know what augmented reality is? By definition, augmented reality (or AR as most people call it) involves technology superimposing computer generated images on a user’s view of the actual world. The result is a composite view. Or a view […]

17Oct 16

Nordstrom Inc. Provides Some Hope and Peace of Mind for Brick & Mortar Stores

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If you have been caught up in the sudden wave of hysteria that seems to be sweeping retail stores regarding online shopping that is destroying the market for brick and mortar businesses – there’s hope. Nordstrom Inc. (one of the largest luxury department stores in the USA) has proven that department stores are not dead […]

10Oct 16

Walmart Closes 269 Stores & Revamps Online Presence

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Are your marketing strategy and in-store experience enough to keep your customers coming back for more? If you have read the recent news articles that Walmart is suffering when it comes to sales at many of its stores and is turning to a better online presence to fix the problem, you may start to worry […]

3Oct 16

Drop in Sales Causes Macy’s to Lose 100 Stores! What Went Wrong?

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In recent news this year, you might have noticed that Macy’s, the ever popular retail store, is closing its doors at 100 of its locations – this as a result of sales figures dwindling! 100 stores make up 15% of Macy’s outlets, which has come as a shock to many. According to the New York […]