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22Aug 16

Using a Flash Mob To Create Brand Awareness

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The why
While activations can and do take place anywhere and in just about any form, often all you need is a spontaneous song and dance to turn your frown upside down.
The what defines a flash mob as “a group of people who appear from out of nowhere, to perform predetermined actions, designed to amuse and […]

15Aug 16

Benefit from Brand Ambassadors

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Experiential marketing is an astoundingly influential new way for marketers to enhance relations between the consumer and your brand at all phases of the sales process.
By creating an emotional and sensory connection with the public, experiential marketing has the power to influence a customer’s view of a brand, and guide their purchasing behaviours. Just have […]

8Aug 16

Short Term Sales Spaces

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Pop goes the world
You never know where your brand could pop up next! Short-term, temporary retail leases – or pop-up shops to you and me – have grown 16% annually since 2009 according to a recent Specialty Retail Report and is a thriving $8 billion industry in the United States. Even online gig brands like Amazon […]

1Aug 16

Earn Extra Exposure ant Events and Expos

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Bad rap
For many years trade shows, exhibitions, and expo events were a superb way for businesses to generate leads. These events were where the mega deals were concluded. Things have shifted in recent years though.
The power of buying has transferred very much from the seller to the buyer because of the expansion of the Internet. […]