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25Jul 16

Promote Your Business With Sensational Sampling

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This kind of promotion is a pleasure because almost everyone loves a freebie. When your customers get the chance to sample what you’re selling, they’re more likely to buy it too. Sampling can be done on-site (within the walls of your business) or off-site (at an event).
Just like a theatrical production, preparation ensures a smooth […]

18Jul 16

Need Brand Activation That Motivates Consumers To Act?

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A new era
Gone are the days when the customer can be expected to come to you. Today’s buyer can shop anywhere, any time, and any way they like, so you have to work that little bit harder in order to reach them. With the focus shifting away from brands and onto consumers, you need opportunities […]

11Jul 16

Are You Ready for Experiential Marketing?

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Experiential marketing is an astonishingly powerful new method for marketers to generate value for business by enriching interactions between the consumer and the brand at all stages of the buying process.
A recent study indicated that more than half of marketers (51%) plan to invest more in experience based marketing in 2016, aiming to create a […]

4Jul 16

Build a Great Company the Smart Way – Set Measures in Place & Market Right

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A business without a plan can be a sinking ship! When choosing to go it alone, you will of course aspire to do more than just coast along making a moderate income. While your goals and objectives might be set high, you’re bound to be faced with hurdles and challenges. It’s easy for others to […]