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30Apr 16

Coca Cola’s New Marketing Concept – Is It A Blooper?

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Marketing experts the world over have been racking their brains over Coca Cola’s most recent rebranding which seems to be against the best interests of its customers. Coca Cola has undoubtedly presented a myriad of highly effective advertising campaigns that have in the past, engaged with customers and helped them to form long lasting emotional […]

25Apr 16

How Virtual Reality is Redefining Marketing

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You will hear it time and again…The modern consumer wants to connect with their favourite brand. They want to form real connections and it is these connections that guarantee sales and long term loyalty. As a result, virtual reality in the form of experiential marketing has fast become the marketing method of choice for many […]

18Apr 16

Sampling: why people love free stuff

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In-store sampling is one of the best ways to draw attention to your brand. People love free stuff and it’s no wonder why leading brands continue to invest in sampling campaigns.

Six years ago, a man from Minnesota was arrested after he overstepped the boundaries of free-sampling practices. According to Supervalu grocery store, which later dropped […]

11Apr 16

How to use experiential marketing

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In the past, companies could shape their brands and influence customers’ perceptions of what they have to offer. Today, review sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp mean that brands have even less of a fighting chance when it comes to crafting their own brand because their customers are doing it for them. People trust online […]

4Apr 16

The internet of things and smart fridges

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The big brands of today are focusing on customer retention and repeat sales. Being able to connect with your customers and get them to make repeat purchases is also becoming easier thanks to the Internet of Things and a specific appliance that virtually every household already possesses – a refrigerator.
Samsung has recently launched a “smart” […]