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28Mar 16

The big challenge for CEO and executives

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The world keeps changing at a rapid pace, with digital technology and social data merging to give consumers services that they never would have dreamed they could get. Besides newer tools like Uber and Air BnB, which have removed the need for traditional service providers in their industries, things like virtual reality and facial recognition […]

21Mar 16

When co-branding is a great idea for your brand activation campaign

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Brand activation strategies can include everything from immersive storytelling and virtual reality to experiential marketing campaigns. In some instances, however, co-branding is definitely the way to go.
What makes co-branding a compelling idea is the fact that it’s usually very memorable, unique and it pairs together two brands that are targeting the same niche group of […]

14Mar 16

Clients who can derail the business process

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When setting up a new business, the main focus is to build relationships with clients that could eventually lead to sales. However, as a business owner you need to have an idea of the type of decision makers that are present in an organisation. In most cases, the sales process will need their approval especially […]