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28Sep 15

Customers decide who and what your brand is

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Many companies spend a lot of time and effort crafting their unique brand proposition and tailoring their marketing campaigns around the messages, words and slogans they want to be known for. While this is a necessary part of any type of advertising, it’s important to remember who really dictates how your brand is defined: your […]

21Sep 15

Great experiential marketing campaigns

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Experiential marketing is still relatively new in the advertising industry and the name has become synonymous with progressive, innovative marketing experiences. So what is it? Experiential marketing campaigns essentially create an immersive experience so that people can interact with a brand in a physical way. It’s a pretty tough concept to describe so we’ve listed […]

14Sep 15

How developers will change the retail industry

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Many industries have had to completely relook their way of doing business thanks to technology. E-commerce is no longer a new concept, but this industry is about to undergo a new revolution called “Commerce Everywhere.”

According to Techcrunch, “Commerce Everywhere” is when online and offline experiences are blended so that people can buy whatever their heart […]