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17Apr 13

Tradeway’s activates KFC breakfast drive

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For over a year, leading experiential activation agency, Tradeway has been activating KFC’s breakfast offerings on the ground. Starting off in late 2011 as a trial, Tradeway successfully executed on the well known A.M. Riser, securing A.M. Oats and most recently in 2012 the A.M. Benedict campaign. A.M. Benedict had a three-tier strategy; sampling, cross-selling […]

10Apr 13

Tradeway invests in the future of our youth

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Leading experiential activation agency, Tradeway, has announced the launch of its Tradeway Academy, which will focus on equipping the South African youth with essential life and business skills to increase their employment opportunities in both the formal and informal job sectors.

Tradeway are specialists at recruiting, training and managing resources for experiential activations, direct consumer engagement […]