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The Tradeway Academy was opened to provide youth development and skills upliftment to our promoters and is Tradeway's CSI focus. In this way we not only develop skilled promoters, but give them the tools needed to succeed later in life.
Level 1
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Personal presentation and grooming
Financial literacy
Career planning
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We offer a full brand promotion solution that meets your every need:

Whether you want a powerful experiential marketing campaign, or a subtle mystery shopping operation (drive, study, mission, programme), Tradeway offers the full spectrum of brand promotion services. We wrap these in our 'quality, service, reliability, ROI' wrapper for the sweetest brand promotion experience.
  • Sampling
  • Brand activations
  • Road shows
  • Event staffing
  • Exhibition support
  • Pamphlet distribution
  • Field marketing + research
  • Lead generation
  • Staff training
  • Incentive launches
  • Merchandising support
  • In store auditing + mystery shopping
  • Field research

Face-to-face promotions

This is the core of any consumer to brand interaction – the personal experience. Experiential or face to face marketing is superior to other marketing tools in many ways. Of the many advantages to this method, the word of mouth recommendations that are created in the market are the most powerful when it comes to building brand loyalty. Our customers and their brands are brought much closer to the client in a real world setting, and therefore enjoy a stronger return on investment than other traditional marketing activities.

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Tradeway is proud to have worked with many of the world's most influential brands and businesses, a few of which are listed below:
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It's in the promise.

The answer is best summed up in our single promise: "Pay for performance". We believe we deliver the highest levels of execution and compliance. If we don't achieve the agreed key performance indicators, you simply get your money back.

The Tradeway Differential.

Unrivalled Service & Execution

  • Rapid reporting
  • Rapid resolution
  • Rapid response
  • Rapid results

Proprietary Technology & Processes

  • Real information in real time
  • Actionable insights

Team Development

  • Continually invest in people
  • Stringent Qualification Process
  • Intensive training
  • Developing SA's future corporate stars
field marketing and research

Field marketing and research

Getting out and about is the key to engaging with our audiences. Our research services gather intelligence from the consumer base using a wide range of techniques and can form the foundation of a successful research campaign. We can deploy field marketers and strike teams to generate leads and along with merchandising support, encourage focus on your brand. Finally mystery shopping provides valuable insight to improve operations or gather competitor intelligence. Click the services links below to read more about what we can offer you.
this category includes

in a nutshell Tradeway are specialists at recruiting, training & managing resources for experiential activations, direct consumer engagement and field services.

We provide reliable resources that will consistently represent your brand delivering the highest levels of compliance and return. Driven by our continued investment in proprietary technology, the latest training and testing methods in addition to people development, we are able to streamline representation, automate activation schedules, track our resources and monitor campaign performance in real time.

Tradeway has worked with leading local and international brands in the FMCG, QSR, Personal Care, Cosmetics, Consumer Electronics, Retail, Alcohol, Household Appliances, Oil & Gas, Telecoms and Financial sectors. The company offers touch point activation across the spectrum including sampling, lead generation, brand activations, road shows, event staffing, exhibition support, pamphlet distribution, field marketing, field research, staff training, incentive launches, merchandising support, in store auditing and mystery shopping.

Tradeway was founded in 2005 and since then has grown a client portfolio of many prominent local and international brands. We are a BBBEE level 4 business and a member of the Consumer Goods Council.

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Core services and support

Tradeway offers a total experiential marketing solution, and therefore has a set of core services that underpin our offering. These include recruitment of quality promoters and their training as well as management of campaigns and feedback. In addition, we can provide creative concept development, promotional elements, storage and more to ensure campaign success. Tradeway has you covered!

Measure, manage and succeed.

You cannot manage, without measuring. We deliver highly successful campaigns by monitoring customisable metrics that deliver bottom line accountability, both in real time and on campaign completion.

Our key performance indicators
Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)
Return on Experience (ROE)
Return on Behaviour (ROB)
Our technology

The power of innovation.

Tradeway continues to invest significant resources into innovative technology that delivers unparalleled quality control, real-time reporting, higher staff accountability, lower 'no-shows', increased ROI and the highest execution rates in the industry.
Our proprietary platforms include
Online Promoter registration & database
Resource profiling
Automated Proposals & Approvals
Automated scheduling
Location based services
Automated reporting
Online training and certification
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Registering is quick and easy. It keeps you in the know with regards to training workshops, gives you the opportunity to network with fellow promoters. Rest assured, we keep your information private and secure, to service your needs only. Be sure to visit the Tradeway Promotions Facebook page at www.facebook.com created just for you. “Like us” to receive news and updates.


It’s no secret that product sampling is the most powerful way to engage with your customers and has endless benefits, a few of which we will let you in on. It allows targeted consumers to try your product or service and give you immediate feedback. It is an extremely versatile method of promotion, in that it can take place in various locations, at different times and takes the risk out of first time buying. Lastly, not only does it lead to an immediate sales uplift, it is a powerful way to create and build brand awareness.


Engaging the five senses of your consumer through sampling and demonstrations gives you a serious advantage when it comes to encouraging a purchase. Your target market can observe and experience the key features and benefits of your product or service on a first hand basis, and also interact with a representative to ask questions or learn more. Demonstrations are a very effective way to create and build brand awareness.

Pamphlet distribution

We’re talking about a professionally orchestrated distribution campaign aimed at a specific audience who will be most receptive to your product or service. We can encourage interest with coupons and promotional offers, boosting product or service take up. Campaigns take place at intersections, malls, stores, parking lots, and garage forecourts. Controlled distribution and efficient use of resources, improves an already highly effective promotional medium.

Road shows

Hitting the road with your brand on board, gives Tradeway the opportunity to integrate with people’s lives when they are moving about. We can move from place to place, visiting parking lots, schools, taxi ranks, train stations, rail stations and other transport hubs. Road shows can be used to launch a new product, create awareness and offer trials or samples of a specific product or service.

Events and exhibitions

Our dynamic, vibrant hosts and hostesses have got what it takes to rock night clubs, live concerts, golf days, trade exhibitions or special events. If you want to entertain in spectacular fashion give Tradeway a call to get the party started.

Recruitment and training

A crucial part of any campaign is the depth of knowledge and competency of the promotional team. Tradeway uses a variety of complimentary methods to specially selected field agents to work with your brands. Our high tech promoter sign up, communication and retention system ensures we have fresh and experienced talent to hand – whilst formal casting sessions, rigorous training and written and oral tests ensure the highest standards are maintained. In the event that you prefer a more hands on approach, we are happy to involve you in the selection of your own team from our talent pool.

Campaign management and feedback

Tradeway is in the advantageous position of being able to offer immediate and measurable results by means of systems and technology integration. Feedback can be gathered from promoters in real time using mobile devices or computers. These results are aggregated into on-going weekly and monthly reports. This feedback assists with optimal budget allocation and includes trend analysis, helping to keep our process dynamic for iterative and continuous improvement as time goes on. The information that we glean is actionable and adds value to your business so you can start reaping the rewards of your investment as soon as possible.

Creative concept development

All great campaigns start with a story, one that is compelling and engages the consumer. Tradeway’s creative team goes deep, understanding your business, brand essence and campaign objectives entirely. This gives them the tools to deliver a unique experience that creates a lasting impression, each and every time. We are equally at home working with your creative and brand strategy team ensuring that our campaigns are always aligned to your overall strategy.

Call Centre

Where a specific project requires, Tradeway will set up and manage a call centre. Our call centres provide us with a central communication channel with promoters. We are able to liaise with promoters on a daily basis across the country or even across borders, ensuring we stay on the pulse of the campaign as it progresses.

Promotional elements and storage

Every campaign is supported by collateral and materials that help to deliver your message. These range from sampling stock, pull up banners, quick assembly booths and branded apparel, to unique branded promotional items and even exciting prizes. Tradeway will source, procure, store, transport and distribute these items for your activations. A full install and take down service is also included, making for hassle and worry free campaigns!

Field marketers and strike teams

Turning lead into gold – that’s what our field marketing force is capable of. Take jaded, media blasted consumers, add a Tradeway strike team and you have an instant recipe for success. Our field marketers are employed full or part time to generate leads for things like cell phone contracts, banking and insurance products, gym contracts, lifestyle services and consumer goods. Our teams can also be used to educate and inform your sales staff or launch incentives to encourage brand focus. Tradeway teams are equally at home in retail outlet, door-to-door or office environments.

Merchandising support

When your permanent sales or merchandising teams need a helping hand, give Tradeway a call. We can assist with the distribution of point of sale material, keeping your displays aligned with brand or product strategy and ensuring shelves are fully stocked.

In-store auditing and mystery shopping

If you need an extra pair of helping hands or perhaps just want to keep your nose to the ground when it comes to you competitors or channels to market. Tradeway offers observational services which include out of stocks, share of shelf, pricing, penetration, position and prominence, trade compliance, promotional activity, expiry dates and any other observational measure. This data is then distilled into actionable information which you can use to immediately effect positive changes, boosting profits and customer loyalty.

Field research

We thrive when we are out and about, getting our hands dirty and mixing it up with consumers. Field research activities facilitate qualitative and quantitative data collection from targeted audiences, giving invaluable insight for decision making. Using either observation or face-to-face interviews we can capture first hand information. Tradeway can plan, implement and manage your field research at locations of your choice.

News Story
Tradeway Promoters engage with over 40 000 consumers to introduce the new Hansa Pilsener bottle

SAB Ltd partnered with Tradeway Promotions to introduce the new 330NRB Hansa Pilsener bottle to consumers. The new bottle, which has a sleek embossed body, has been introduced to bring the packaging in line with the brand positioning of "Being refreshingly different."

Tradeway Promoters targeted 18-34 year old consumers in close to 1 000 regular bars and specialist liquor outlets. In addition, over 100 ShisaNyama outlets were included in the activation campaign, staged to educate consumers on the new 330NRB Hansa Pilsener pack, through direct one-on-one customer engagements.

Over 40 000 consumers were introduced to the new bottle between August and October 2011, through engaging activations where customers were invited to participate in a Hansa Pilsener guessing game. Visitors to targeted outlets were encouraged to blindly touch five embossed bottles, and correctly identify the new Hansa Pilsener 330NRB bottle. Successful customers were rewarded with branded key rings and single Hansa Pilsener gift packs.

Customers at ShisaNyama's, (informal gathering and eating places in townships that specialize in braai's and serve alcohol) were offered an ice cold refreshing 330NRB Hansa to enjoy, which instilled brand loyalty and offered the opportunity for the brand to confirm that the bottle may have changed but the beer retains its unique crisp Kiss of the Saaz Hop refreshing flavor.

"In our role as leaders in recruitment, training and managing of resources for our clients brand activation campaigns, we were thrilled with the results that emerged from the introduction to market campaign for the new 330NRB Hansa Pilsener bottle. We used the face-to-face engagement with the public to secure additional market information for SAB, and were very pleased to report that 82% of customers said that they prefer the new Hansa Pilsener bottle. Given the usual resistance to change, this was a very positive outcome for Hansa Pilsener," said Michelle Francis, CEO of Tradeway Promotions.

Tradeway Promotions recruited promoters in 13 towns nationally, to undergo intense training. Training documentation and tests were developed by the Tradeway training department in consultation with the Hansa brand team. Promoters had to achieve a minimum of 80% in written tests on brand theory and campaign mechanics, as had to participate in a number of role playing exercises to ensure they were prepared for their direct interaction with customers, when introducing the new bottle.

"Hansa Pilsener has enjoyed a 36-year history in South Africa, and it is always a challenge to introduce new packaging to a market that is extremely brand loyal and tends to resist change when it comes to their favourite brands. Tradeway Promotions designed and delivered a highly effective campaign that achieved the objectives of the campaign through their seamless customer activation offering," said Guy Shand, Brand Manager for Hansa Pilsener.

News Story
Tradeway promoters engage 50 000 consumers for KFC

KFC appointed Tradeway Promotions to run a nationwide sampling campaign to introduce the a.m. Riser breakfast meal to customers in store during April and May 2012.

Tradeway Promotions conceptualised the KFC a.m. Pyjama Party campaign, which saw promoters dressed in branded KFC a.m. pyjamas and red slippers interacting with over 50 000 customers at more than 200 KFC breakfast stores across South Africa between 06h30 and 10h30 on promotional days. The team offered them the opportunity to sample the a.m. Riser, a delicious combination of hash brown, egg, a slice of cheese, fresh tomato and a tomato relish served on an English Muffin.

The campaign, which was implemented to create awareness of the KFC a.m. Breakfast Range, focused specifically on getting customers to try the a.m. Riser as a part of the KFC breakfast offering and the team succeeded in both encouraging trial and purchase during this promotion.

"In our role as leaders in recruitment, training and managing of resources for our clients product awareness campaigns, we were thrilled with the results that emerged from the introduction to market of the KFC Breakfast Range. We used face-to-face engagement coupled with sampling of the a.m. Riser, and were very pleased that the campaign objectives were achieved for our client and that the introduction of the range was a success," said Michelle Francis, CEO of Tradeway Promotions.

In excess of 37 000 a.m. Risers were sampled by customers during the promotion and promoters reported that customers were very impressed with the KFC a.m. range and expressed delight at the taste of the new Riser.

"Tradeway Promotions conceptualised and delivered a highly effective campaign to drive awareness of the a.m. Riser and the KFC Breakfast Range to our customer base, achieving our objectives through a creative and focused promotion. The promoters' very appropriate 'pyjama' wear was sheer genius," said Vickey Jacoby, Assistant Brand Manager for KFC.

Breakfast is now available in over 220 KFC stores between 06h00 and 10h30 and customers have the choice of a number of breakfast options including the Riser, Oats, Muesli Cup, Toasted sandwiches and more. Visit kfc.co.za to view the full KFC a.m. range as well as find a breakfast store closest to you.

News Story
Tradeway Promotions launches new digital home and expands nationally

Tradeway Promotions, leaders in the recruiting, training and managing of resources for experiential brand activations for some of the world's leading brand names, announces the launch of a dynamic new website with the aim of bringing innovation and service excellence to its business model.

Tradeway's recently launched new website is an exciting tool, which not only promotes the business but was designed and developed to meet Tradeway's specific requirements, incorporating an online promoter and campaign management extranet system.

The system provides integrated sign up and management of promoters serving as a communication channel for the heart and soul of any campaign, being the promoter team. Promoters can sign up, receive training, briefings and other communications, all online. Once a campaign is underway, promoters start feeding information back through a web or mobile device interface immediately, meaning clients have access to near instantaneous insights from the campaign, which provides for real time review and shifts in tactics and budget control.

This is just the beginning of Tradeway's enhanced technology strategy. The system will be continually upgraded to drive further innovation, an added benefit to Tradeway clients.

In addition to a new digital home, Tradeway is pleased to announce that its success has prompted expansion of the business nationally into two new offices, in Cape Town and Durban.

These new offices will further strengthen Tradeway's offering and ability to conduct nationwide and cross-border campaigns for its clients. Clients can look forward to seamless and highly effective promotional activities in these regions, choosing from a comprehensive service offering that incorporates field marketing, exhibitions, road shows and much more.

"We are proud to announce the simultaneous opening of our Cape Town and Durban offices, whilst moving into our new digital home online. Our promoter extranet is sure to contribute to our ongoing success and is a true competitive advantage for us. We look forward to demonstrating the benefits of these developments to all of our existing and indeed new clients," says Michelle Francis, CEO of Tradeway Promotions.

News Story
Tradeway Promotions recruit 2 000 consumers for Hansa Pilsener

Tradeway Promotions, leaders in the recruiting, training and managing of resources for experiential brand activations, managed the consumer recruitment element of the highly successful Hansa Pilsener "Legends in the Making" campaign, which through face-to-face interaction saw 2 000 Hansa Pilsener consumers being rewarded with tickets to staged music concerts nationally. The recruitment activations formed part of the multi-pronged campaign run by South African Breweries Ltd brand, Hansa Pilsener to create hype and awareness around the thirteen "Legends in the Making" music concerts, identifying and rewarding loyal Hansa Pilsener consumers and new users, typically black males 18-34 years in age, with tickets for themselves and two friends to attend the concert in their region.

Tradeway Promotions successfully recruited and trained promoters who formed "Flash Squads" and targeted traditional and non-traditional Hansa Pilsener outlets across South Africa. The "Flash Squads" were tasked with identifying both loyal and potential Hansa Pilsener consumers, engaging with them to increase brand awareness, gathering general information and selecting concert ticket winners.

In addition, the campaign was supported by an online social media facebook page. Promoters handed consumers cards providing details of how to interact directly with the brand via the Hansa Pilsener Legends in the Making Tour facebook page, to increase their chances of securing concert tickets. This provided an additional platform for customers to engage with the brand and more importantly for the brand to engage directly with customers and potential customers on an ongoing basis.

Hansa Pilsener was first introduced into the South African market in 1975 and is brewed with the unique "Kiss of the Saaz Hop", giving the beer a crisp and refreshing taste that has made the brand a favourite amongst South African beer drinkers.

The "Legends in the Making" campaign was based on the premise that SA Music legends including Liquid Deep, Hip Hop Pantsula, Teargas, JR Ntando, Tuks, Kwela Tebza and DJ Deelou who like Hansa Pilsener have a special ingredient that has led to their success.

The campaign outcomes proved very successful for Hansa Pilsener as promoters engaged with close on 20 000 consumers, issuing over 5 000 sets of tickets and recording around 15 000 Hansa Pilsener sales nationally over the three month activation time frame.

"The success of the Hansa Pilsener 'Legends in the Making' campaign can be measured on various levels," explains Michelle Francis, CEO of Tradeway Promotions. "We applied our expertise establishing a face for the brand through consumer engagement, and demonstrated our ability to manage the complexity of the activation on all levels, including supplying the client with ongoing measurement of results with respect to the number of Hansa Pilsener consumer interactions, concert tickets issued and product sales figures, which were the key deliverable of the campaign," says Michelle.

"My involvement with Tradeway Promotions has been a very rewarding and gratifying experience. They provided a seamless and professional service, ensuring that the objectives of the promotional campaign for the Hansa Pilsener Legends in the Making Tour were achieved beyond my expectations. The entire campaign has been a phenomenal success and I appreciate Tradeway Promotions support and commitment to the campaign from beginning to end," commented Guy Shand, Hansa Pilsener Brand Manager

News Story
Tradeway Promotions target ShisaNyama's to introduce new Castle Lite 440ml can

Castle Lite in conjunction with Tradeway Promotions, leaders in the recruiting, training and managing of resources for experiential brand activations, recently ran a highly successful campaign across ShisaNyama's in Egoli, introducing customers to the new 440ml Castle Lite can. This was done by engaging with customers and offering them the authentic experience of enjoying an extra cold Castle Lite.

Tradeway Promotions used their years of experience running brand activations in the main market to specifically target ShisaNyama's, which are informal gathering and eating places in townships that specialize in braai's and serve alcohol. ShisaNyama's are commonly frequented on weekends by city dwellers who like to return to their "roots" in the townships to make their current status known and to socialise with friends in a relaxed and familiar environment.

The campaign to launch the 440ml Castle Lite Can was executed by Tradeway Promotions to reach the identified target audience in a social environment, whilst achieving the campaign objectives to not only increase sales of the new pack, but to strengthen brand desirability and demonstrate the various occasions in which a consumer can enjoy an extra cold Castle Lite.

All Tradeway promoters undergo extensive brand and product training prior to the activations ensuring they are not only informed promoters but true brand ambassadors. The campaign called for teams of three, which included a male DJ and two female waitress promoters, which ran the Castle Lite activations on four occasions at each identified ShisaNyama over a two month period.

Over a 90-minute duration, a DJ played music at the ShisaNyama and identified five customers drinking Castle Lite, rewarding them with a meal voucher. Customers who purchased a six-pack of Castle Lite 440ml cans were rewarded with two complimentary Castle Lite glasses.

"We provided this pilot experiential activation for Castle Lite designed using our expertise and trade knowledge to tailor the campaign to the identified target market. We are very pleased that the campaign achieved the objectives and resulted in a 70% increase in Castle Lite sales at specified outlets, through engaging with over 10 000 consumers and potential consumers," commented Michelle Francis, CEO of Tradeway Promotions.

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Tradeway Promotions opens offices in Jacaranda City

Tradeway Promotions are excited to announce the official opening of their Pretoria office, which is based at the Loftus Versfeld Stadium on Lynnwood Road.

Tradeway Promotions, leaders in the recruiting, training and managing of resources for experiential brand activations both in and out of store - with its head office in Johannesburg, made the decision to open an office in Pretoria to both enhance their service offering to clients based in the capital city and to offer an easily accessible base to promoters living in Pretoria, which will also result in the availability of more part time job opportunities in the area.

"The request for our services from Pretoria based clients has been steadily increasing as has the need to include Pretoria in most national promotional client campaigns, and it has now reached the point where the need for a Tradeway Pretoria office has become a necessity," explains Managing Director of Tradeway Promotions, Michelle Francis.

The Pretoria office replicates our Johannesburg offices on a smaller scale with a Tradeway Academy training facility where promoters undergo a series of training sessions in preparation for client activations. "Our promoters from Pretoria are excited that Tradeway has a local permanent base located centrally with ease of access from Pretoria University and other tertiary institution, as many of our promoters are students, with the added benefit that all training is conducted in the same venue," says Michelle.

In addition, the Pretoria office will also be used for promoter castings, which are conducted regularly to update and strengthen the Tradeway Pretoria promoter database.

"We are certainly excited at the prospect of now being in a position to offer our clients a more seamless service offering in the Pretoria region, and guarantee a professional operation that is able to accommodate Pretoria specific campaigns that can draw on a local promoter database, which will ensure effective experiential brand activation campaigns for all our clients," explains Michelle

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News Story
Tradeway invests in the future of our youth

Leading experiential agency, Tradeway, has announced the launch of its Tradeway Academy, which will focus on equipping the South African youth with essential life and business skills to increase their employment opportunities in both the formal and informal job sectors.

Tradeway are specialists at recruiting, training & managing resources for experiential activations, direct consumer engagement and field services. Their main resource pool for detailers, brand ambassadors and demonstrators are matriculants, tertiary students and unemployed youth seeking job experience through part-time work. Through the academy Tradeway envisions up-skilling this group beyond pure 'job experience' to create better opportunities for employment and advancement in the workplace.

Founder and CEO of Tradeway, Michelle Francis, wanted to address two main goals within her business. The first was to improve the calibre and professionalism of promoters. "The industry is not doing enough to raise the standard of these brand representatives where the stigma of quick part-time work remains without relaying the importance of their work and the valued experience they garner as a representatives of major brands". Secondly, Michelle had the vision to "help our youngsters develop their skills and to set them on the best path for their career development into the bigger business world."

This has culminated in the launch of the Tradeway Academy. The academy is open to Tradeway's best performers – who are identified with the company's proprietary software management system which tracks best performance and behaviour. Customers are reassured that Tradeway is nurturing and retaining the best talent for activations in addition to actualising its corporate social initiative of giving back to its community and providing its promoters with the tools to succeed.

The Tradeway Academy officially launches on the 1st March 2013. Headed up by former sales training manager for Unilever Food Solutions SAMEP (South Africa, Middle East and Pakistan), Munene Nel who'll launch the first series of courses which are aimed at either bridging the gap from completing secondary education into either entering the business world or entering tertiary education as well as general life and business skills courses for the informal recruits wishing to gain invaluable insight into the mechanics of the formal sector.

The first level of courses on offer includes Communication Skills, Selling Skills, Personal Presentation and Grooming, Financial Literacy, Career Planning and Basic Computer Skills. Level two courses will follow with Advanced Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Understanding Project Management and Leadership Skills. Tradeway is in the process of obtaining SETA Accreditation. Francis concludes, "The team is very excited about the launch and prospects of the Tradeway Academy. We're providing young adults with great quality training, adding value to their development and future, and in turn securing the best talent pool for our customers."

About Tradeway:

Tradeway are specialists at recruiting, training & managing resources for experiential activations, direct consumer engagement and field services.

Tradeway provides reliable resources that will consistently represent your brand delivering the highest levels of compliance and return. Driven by our continued investment in proprietary technology, the latest training and testing methods in addition to people development, we are able to streamline representation, automate activation schedules, track our resources and monitor campaign performance in real time.

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Privacy Policy

TRADEWAY knows that you care how information about you is used and shared and it is careful to ensure that any such information that comes into its possession is properly looked after. This Privacy Policy sets out the steps that we take to ensure that any information provided to us is kept secure and confidential and is used only for the purposes for which it is provided.

Personal Information

The only personal information that we will collect is the personal information that you provide to us when you register with us or when you communicate with us through our website. We will at any time, at your request, provide you with a copy of any personal information that we are holding about you. This Website does not use cookies to collect information of any kind.

Purposes for which Personal Information may be used

Any personal information that you provide to us will be used only for the following purposes:

- To provide information or services to you as requested by you or in the ordinary course of business, during such time as you provide promotional services to us (from the time of your registration).

- To let you know about information and services from TRADEWAY in which you may be interested.

- For internal review.

- To improve the content of the website.

- To customise the content and /or layout of the website for each individual user.

- To notify users about updates to the website.

- To Do compile and disclose statistics about our users and their preferences. However, these statistics are anonymous and do not identify individual users.


We will not pass any of your personal information to any third party, other than members of TRADEWAY, without your consent.

Marketing and Advertising

Your personal contact information will never be given, sold, or otherwise shared by TRADEWAY with third parties for advertising or marketing purposes.

Additional Forms and e-mails

We may ask you to provide more information after you register to obtain additional services and information or to resolve complaints or concerns.

Protection of Information

We have implemented technology safeguards, security policies and other measures to protect data under our control from unauthorized access, improper use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction or accidental loss. We also protect your information by requiring that all our employees and others who have access to or are associated with the processing of your data to respect your confidentiality.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

If we decide to change our Privacy Policy we will post the changes here. However, if we make material changes to the way we use your personal information we will ask for your consent before we do so.